Sixx:A.M. reveal new song & album details

b61ac541-dcdf-4ed1-964f-befeb3440e51Shortly after releasing a first single off their upcoming album ‘Modern Vintage’, Sixx:A.M. unveil another new song called Stars. The track sounds closer to the band’s previous work and will probably reassure the most sceptical fans, after Gotta Get It Right was released, provoking a landslide of opposite opinions, because of its different, brighter and catchier aspect.

In the meantime, Sixx:A.M. are started a series of track-by-track videos where they talk about their new album and their artistic approach on creating it. Check out Stars right here!


Track by tracks 



Sixx:A.M // ‘Modern Vintage’,
Released on October 6, 2014 via Eleven Seven Music

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