Counterfeit spark a fire in Paris

Counterfeit - Paris, January 2016 © Mariam B. //
Counterfeit – Paris, January 2016 © Mariam B. //

For a first european tour, Counterfeit didn’t do that bad: every single show was sold out (expect, well, the Paris one BUT we still had great fun and lots of people showed up) with as much sing alongs and mosh pits as you could wish for.

I described Counterfeit’s style as The Darling Buds sexy older brother who wears sunglasses indoors and flirts with your friend’s mom“ in my previous article and after seeing them live, I still stand by it. Nothing bad about that though, on the contrary, I love some good old organic punk rock and the crowd seemed to love it too. The venue was packed and the band was greeted by a delirum of appreciative shrieks, five seconds into the first song, and everyone was already screaming their lungs out or happily shoving eachother in the pit. I call that a great start, even more praiseworthy considering it’s the band’s first ever show in France.
It’s no wonder singer Jamie Campbell-Bower gave up the romantic-blond-folk style to embrace the dark side, because it looks like he was born to do this: taking off his shirt two songs in, spitting profanities and jumping around the stage in all his bad boy glory, the days of Twilight and “I’ll steal you Johanna” are truly gone.
With their powered up set and infectious rock songs, Counterfeit barely leaves the audience a minute to catch their breath. From opener Hold Fire to the fantasic new single Enough, it’s simply impossible to not move or at least bob your head up and down appreciatively as you watch people go apeshit in the pit. Still, Jamie coming down to the middle of the crowd to play the heart wrenching Letter to the Lost (click through to watch the video) offered a well deserved intermission.

It’s almost touching to see that, through the years and the style changes, Tristan, Roland and Jamie stuck together, adding the singer’s little brother Sam and the talented James (Jimmy) Craig (also known as One Night Only‘s drummer.)
Counterfeit seem to be on their way to become the next big thing, with another European tour already announced, and this show proved they deserve all the hype they get.

Words : Andy
Photos : Mariam B.
Full photo album : COUNTERFEIT – Paris (Jan. 2016)

Watch a video recap of the show HERE 


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