Spotlight #5 : introducing AS IT IS

For this new Spotlight feature, we have chosen something that could fit the season, the great weather and the spirits it brings along. Please let us introduce to you  As It Is, with their joyful, sunny pop-punk.

You may have already encountered their frontman online, somewhere on youtube, doing some rather impressive cover songs. Well, the newcomers are now definitely in the place, after spending 18 months “moulding, melding and meddling with their craft”. They launched a kickstarter campaign last year to help the release of their work and received a huge wave of unprecedented support, doubling their initial target.

“We play to our strength, which is self-deprecation at its most pathetic
and miserable,” says Benjamin Biss, guitarist and co-vocalist of
Brighton-via-Minneapolis quartet As It Is, of his band’s new
release, ‘This Mind Of Mine’. “Our lyrics get pretty dark at
times, but I do like to think that there’s a glimmer of hope
somewhere hiding deep down, even when it isn’t obvious.”



Now we won’t reveal much about the band here and we’ll let you discover more about them throughout the upcoming articles of this new Spotlight edition. Stay tuned!

• ‘This Mind Of Mine’ was released on March 17th, 2014 – Review available here


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