Spotlight #6 : Knuckle Puck

12928_388819354538759_1462830229_nWe won’t hide it, because a) that would be a shame, and b) it would be lying to all of you readers,we at Plug-In are globally fond of Pop-Punk. And good Pop-Punk, with that – trust us, we always do our best to bring you the best, freshest new music you could hope for, which is why we’re here again today to talk to you about a band from the suburbs of Chicago – and no, as good as they are, it’s not Real Friends. Sorry.

No, what we’re on about today is rising quintet Knuckle Puck. ‘Oh, the band that just released a split with Neck Deep ?’ Exactly. And while it is indeed a very good split, that’s not all they’ve achieved! The band released an EP earlier last year, ‘The Weight That You Buried’, which transpires honesty, with choruses you’ll find yourselves singing by the end of the song, even at the first listen. It’s also the perfect soundtrack for a walk or drive where you need to find yourself, since frontman Joe Taylor’s loud and powerful vocals will most likely be louder than your thoughts.

We believe big things are coming up for the band – with upcoming appearances at Skate And Surf festival and a long run across the states with Man Overboard and Transit and hopefully even more coming up, Knuckle Puck’s immediate future is bright and clear.

They have also just released their EP on vinyl – and with a majestic logo screen print – through Bad Timing Records, and the first press sold out incredibly fast, so if you want to get your hands on a copy of the second press, we’d suggest you act fas- oh wait, that sold out too. And while that is gutting, it is yet another proof that the band isn’t done rising.

Now, we’ll quit rambling and simply let you discover Knuckle Puck with your own ears below.

‘The Weight That You Buried’ EP and all other releases available here.

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