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Maybe, just maybe you’d like to know who is hiding behind all of this?





– ALMA –

I live in Paris. My music taste is a mix of Emo, Pop/Punk,and everything in between. I want to be a journalist when I become an adult. When I’m not listening to sad bands or ranting about feminism, I do embroidery and watch Parks And Recreation.

– ROXY –

Always on a train to London. I’m that cheerleader who loves pop/punk and pizza too much. I follow the music and sing in the rain. Everything happens for a reason. P.S : I hate everyone.


A freelance writer in London, usually found spending her rent money in record stores or rocking out at shows. Pop punk is my true calling, peppered with a healthy dose of tv show marathons, and lots of iced tea.


– SKYE –

The color of my hair is changed as often as the band T-shirts I wear, I’m always looking for good music and great people to hang out with. Definitely a cat person! / /


– LANA –

 I’m the living proof that gingers do have souls because mine is passionate about music. And if you look up ‘music addict’ in the dictionary there should be a picture of me



– ALY –

I live in Paris but can’t wait to go roadtriping in America. I’m a future wedding planner who shoots at gigs for fun. I have an unhealthy obsession with Marvel and I’m always the awkward one. Definitely the blonde girl, forever in stereo. |@thealyswords | Alisson Nilsson Photography

– EMMA –

Melt a passion for all of kind of musics, photographing people all the time, enjoying life, dancing in a weird way, eating too much things while drinking tea (because why not), traveling, meeting people, and, mostly, screaming each time I’m excited, and…you got me! Hi, I’m Emma, nice to meet you!



“My name’s Morgan, i’m 24 and I live (for now) in Paris. I like traveling, and music. I’m always the one up to travel god knows where for a show ! Aside from this, I love taking pictures (obviously, thats my job), drinking tea, anything that is purple, and making new friends everywhere I go !”





Hey everyone! I’m Nabil Sanaullah, and I’m really thrilled to be a part of the Plug-In team! Who am I? Well, while being the vocalist for a band called Now, Voyager, I also spend a big part of my time venturing into the realm of free-writing, and challenging myself as a writer. In that respect, I hope to to contribute whatever experience I may have acquired in the music world, and give you a different perspective from the point of view of a musician. I enjoy a wide variety of music, though my preferences lean towards metal, post-rock, and pop-rock. An avid fan of traveling, I very much enjoy discovering new places, and subjecting myself to new experiences. I’m a relatively easy going and simple person, with an awful sense of humour (I love ‘knock-knock jokes), and I hope you’ll enjoy my writings!


I like to pretend I’m a 22 year-old french girl but I’m actually a 12 year-old male douchebag. You can usually find me turning my feelings into photographs or drowning in cheese. I also study this weird dysfunctional industry that is music and plan to make it my job when I grow up. | @GaellePitrel


I binge watch indie films and complain a lot. I like the Middle Ages, scottish rock, Irish accents and pigeons.






I‘m french, i’m feeling old. I like things, stuff, cats, dogs, music & gigs. A good beard doesn’t hurt anyone. I mostly listen to pop punk, punk rock, hardcore, metalcore, post-hardcore, folk music. Don’t p*ss me off or I’ll spoil you Game Of Thrones, I read the books.


– 99PXTN –

Well, let me introduce myself. I’m Yousra, a 26 year-old doctor in the making, in love with most of the things that the World has to offer and isn’t music one of its most amazing wonders ? In that purpose, I try to always be on the look-out for every new band that will make my ears happy and my soul filled again. Oh and, if  we do cross paths someday, try to befriend me, you might need me to save your life one day! 


– MARY –

I do enjoy music (a lot) and I have a tendency to seek for new sounds and humbly contribute to its living. I live for today and take the time to appreciate every single thing that life has to offer; I know I’m a dreamer.
@Marypxtn  –  @SnapsbyMB




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