Album Review : The First – Take Courage

THE FIRSTIt has been a long while since I last heard of The First and to be honest, even though I used to like  some of their older songs, I didn’t put much effort in following their news. I soon realized that this was a terrible mistake from the first time I listened to the band’s second full-lengh, “Take Courage”.

Since the beginning it’s obvious that The First took the time and maturity they needed these past years to write and record this effort. This is a very detailed and meticulous work that is being gradually unveiled from the opening There’s No Place Like Home to the 11th and last song Enough Is Never Enough. ‘Take Courage’ is a 41-minutes journey through joy and glee, full of beautiful melodies, catchy, anthemic choruses and lively gang vocals that can only lead you to singing along, such as the “woah-oh-ohs” that punctuate the title track or these beautiful chorus lines in the recently released single  Love Regret Forgive Forget. Furthermore, the album is well balanced between energetic songs such as William (featuring Elissa Franceschi‘s beautiful voice) with its vigorous guitar riffs and slower ones that come rightly to temper the attack (Tonight, Tonight). It is also delightful to notice the importance given equally to each one if the instruments involved from Adam Masters’ furious bass lines in Start Again to the hard-hitting drums in Take It Back, not to mention Benny’s voice that can be both sweet and gritty but always consistent and powerful.

“Take Courage” is also an ambitious effort in so far as The First ventured into new shores, flirting with classic rock and roll and daring blending it with their modern, melodic rock,  showing off their fresh take on the genre. In fact, tracks like Shark Attack are a good example with some epic guitar solos that reveal itself towards the end, leaving you happily surprised with what the quintet came up with.

The First made a brilliant comeback after three ‘silent’ years, honoring in turn the british rock flag. If you’re a fan of guitar-driven rock, you should definitely listen to this album. I only foresee a bright future ahead of The First.

Artist : The First
Album : Take Courage
Release : 23/09/2013 via DESTROY EVERYTHING.
Top Tracks : Monsters, William, Love Regret Forgive Forget


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