Album Review : Through Colour – Sominum (EP)

20212_10151367174122185_1827981421_nWith the good weather suddenly leaving us, we were looking for a quick therapy that would help us go though these hard times and it’s safe to say that we finally found it in Through Colour‘s newest EP ‘Somnium’.
It is the band’s first release in a long time, in so far as they’ve recently completely changed directions. Considering Through Colour existed for a decade, we were expecting something good and professional and the (recently) Mancunians topped those expectations.

The record starts with the single Daydream that has been successful since its release a few weeks ago, with its contagiously lively melodies and lead singer Steve White’s excellent vocal performance, singing with passion through different ranges and levels. Daydream finishes off with an epic ending that you can easily picture closing a show with confettis and stuff.
Generally, this EP induces happiness as it’s incredibly positive and joyful through catchy choruses and blissful melodies. It’s not monotonous and makes you want to move and jump all around, which is something extremely positive. Over five songs, there’s a good foretaste of what’s yet to come with Though Colour as the band gives a nice overview of what they’re capable of, from catchy and anthemic songs such as Ink or Broken to slower melodic, melancholic tracks that is Till The End. This latter isn’t necessarly finely worked though, as we wish Through Colour were more thorough and looked deeper into this field, but we remain confident and sure they will in the future.

‘Somnium’ is an excellent rebirth for Through Colour, that have chosen a beautiful ‘theme’ of positiveness -if we may say so- for their new journey into music. This EP is actually the first episode of a two part concept EP series and we can’t wait to hear more from them!

‘Somnium’ was released on September 30th.

Want to learn more about this EP? Check out Somnium’s track-by-track using THIS LINK.


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