Through the Lens – 2015 in Review edition

Of course we couldn’t forget to include something important to us in these 2015 in Review series; which is music photography. As you know, we have a lovely team of photographers who always contribute in helping us building memories of our favorite shows.  So we asked Alisson, Emma, Kaylee and Morgan to share with us their favorite photo taken for PLUG IN this year, along with the story behind it. 



State Champs – Paris
2015 marks, my second year working for Plug in. During this time, I had the chance to cover 13 shows for the team and each one of them had something special. I was asked to pick one picture, only one from these 13 shows, and guess what, it wasn’t easy! I had the chance to shoot my favorite band and so many more and I’ll be forever grateful for it! While I was looking at the pictures, a lot of memories came back and I eventually chose this photo State Champs as my favorite photo of 2015. The show was memorable and hot. Literally. I remember shooting in a fully packed venue on a September night, with pop punk kids all around me screaming and dancing, enjoying the moment together. It was just a perfect pop-punk night and if I close my eyes, I can see the stage getting invaded again by the French fans, because why the hell not?

More photos of this show are available HERE




Being As An Ocean – Paris
After the attacks that happened in Paris, getting back to a concert was tough. It was a battle between my love for music and the fear of what could happen. Never Say Die Festival was the “next” show, for me. It felt, however, like a warm welcome back, in a room full of love and caring all around. I don’t really listen to Being As An Ocean but I’ve always been impressed by the strength and the energy they put into their live performances, the love they spread around them. Joel Quartuccio, as always, sang in the middle of the crowd and everyone was gathering, singing their heart out, living the show as if it was their first one. Joel seemed to be the figurehead of the crowd, leading them into their own family. His fist un in the air seemed to be a symbol, a symbol of victory, a symbol of love, a symbol of a fight for the love of music that will never end and should never end.

More photos of Never Say Die! Tour will be available soon. 




Haymaker – Winnipeg
If you were around last year and kept up with everyone’s favourites, you may remember mine. My favourite photo I had taken for Plug-In was of Derek Sanders (Mayday Parade) on their Honeymoon Tour.

It appears I may have a theme for my most beloved photos, and it’s genuine emotion. In my favourite photo this year, I caught Evan Milejszo of Haymaker having a laugh. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it a million more times; I love capturing musicians having fun. Even if it’s at my own expense. This photo is maybe the third or fourth time a musician has caught me tripping while I shoot, and I caught them laughing at me.
May 2016 bring me so many more photos like this one.

Check out more photos of this show HERE.




Stick To Your Guns – Meerhout
Shooting the Groezrock is always one of my favorite moment of the year. Photography-wise, this is one of the very few shows i know i’m gonna get out of with very good to very great shots. Musically-wise, this is where i am gonna find most of the news bands i’m gonna listen to for the rest of the year. Life-wise, it’s always fun to hang at a festival with your friends ! Stick To Your Guns is one of my favorite bands, and it was my first time shooting them. Needless to say, i was stoked. Their music is empowering, to say the least, so i had a blast capturing this with my camera. This picture is one of my favorite because i like the emotion on Jesse Barnett’s face and i think the whole picture shows exactly how i felt, and how i hope everyone felt during that set. Also, i love blue pictures.

So here’s to a new year full of beautiful pictures, great bands, and awesome festival ! Happy 2016 !

More photos of Groezrock are available HERE and HERE




Landscapes – Karlsruhe
Shooting Landscapes is always a treat. I borrowed a wide-angle lens to shoot New Noise Festival because I knew mine wouldn’t allow me to document this day like I wanted to. I still don’t know how this shot happened; how the vignetting, the smoke and Shaun’s move came together. I guess timing was on my side.

More photos of New Noise Festival are available HERE.


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