Tu Amore – Throwback to October 2012 and ‘Your Love’

1385645_653768231334544_649612056_nA few days ago, British band Tu Amore have unveiled a few clips of new songs for a limited time only. I hope most of you had time to check it out, because it was definitely exciting! If not, there will be a catch up session this Saturday 9th of November on BBC Introducing Cambridgeshire where Tu Amore will be talking about their (near) future. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you a little chat I had a year ago (I believe?) with their vocalist Ben in the occasion of the release of their debut and stunning EP ‘Your Love’. It was published on a media that unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore. Hopefully I saved the precious info that you can now read right here.  If you don’t know Tu Amore, this is precisely the occasion for you to get to know them! We’re definitely keeping an eye on these guys and you should do the same.




– First of all, could you introduce yourself and Tu Amore?
Hi my name is Benjamyn, we are TU AMORE from Peterborough. We have been a band since April 2011.

– Your debut EP will be released on october 1st, how was the recording? How long did it take?
The recording was a really enjoyable process, it’s actually one of the most fun parts of being in a band for me. We recorded it down at The Ranch Production House in Southampton. Burn The Fleet and a bunch of other awesome bands recorded there. At the time we were getting quotes for the album. We had a really nice email from one of the producers, Neil Kennedy from The Ranch and it was that which made us go with them. They really understood what sound we were aiming for. The process was about a week in total, however, we had previously demoed the tracks and previously tracked “Joan of Arc” at The Lodge Recording Studios in Northampton.

– It’s called “Your Love”, what’s that record based on?
Hmmm. The album covers a lot of topics. I write the lyrics so I can’t help but feel really observant of certain situations and over the years of writing it has become a bit unbearable at times. I’m always having to jot down a couplet or two into my mobile phone or notebook. Most of them never get used but I can’t ever bring myself to throw them away. The album is’nt really based on anything specific it’s just an account of my observations and feelings at this pivotal point in my life.

– The artwork for this EP is beautiful but also intriguing. What’s the meaning behind it?
The artwork is all photographs of our family. We had hundreds of pictures of our families from the 60s,70s and 80s. Nearly all of the photos told a story themselves, without the need for a garishly, awful, graphic design of a band name or something. We still even at this early stage of our career really understand the concept of artwork behind the CDs. We grew up with well though out album artwork like AFI‘s Sing the Sorrow and from that we were really inspired to emulate similar sentiments, other than it just being the way that we like them to look. We really struggled to pick from all of the options we had, but I guess they could be used for another release?  The front and back of the release is our guitarist’s Ashley Morpeth mother.

– Your music is very touching and we were wondering what inspires you to write it?
As mentioned earlier it has always been observational. I feel a compulsion to document things to either rationalise them or quantify them in my own head or to self medicate. I don’t always write that way. I think some personal music can become to narcissistic or too introspective so sometimes. I like to write so that I am less involved. Either fictional or from another persons point of view or situation.

– Your sound doesn’t fit into any specific genre, how would you describe it to someone who has never listened to it?
Thanks!!! It’s a huge compliment for someone to say that in this day and age when the window for originality is barely hanging open. I wouldn’t like to describe the music though, I’d like to let others decide what we are because essentially you can say whatever you are but really that’s in the ears of the listener.

– How did you come up with such result? Can you talk about your writing/creative process?
We have yet to come up with a formula for any of it though, it just seems to happen. Most of the time, as I am predominantly Rhythm guitar, I create the words and chord progressions and then from there, they could go anyway as soon as they hit the practice room and everyone else gets involved.

– Which song of this EP are you the most proud of and why?
Wishing Well. Without a doubt. We all agree on that. It was the latest to be finalized and its the start of possibly a future sound for us. It’s the one perhaps we all can relate to not just me and is really fun to play live.


– What does your music aim to? Is there a message you want to convey?
I like to be able to convey messages through music but I don’t necessarily like to label which ones they are and what x line is always about, as that is part of the discovery for the listener and helps them to imagine anything they like or relate it to a situation they might be going through. We certainly don’t aim for anything we find we right best when it just is what it is.

– Are you surprised by the support you get from your growing fan base?
Yes and no. At first, it was really a surprise to us that people would give us a listen or perhaps be even remotely interested in what we had going on and we are genuinely and absolutely grateful for everyone that has shown their support or will possibly read this and become part of the family. However, I think we were always confident and we definitely knew where we wanted to go, what we wanted and how we were going to get it. So it’s a mixed feeling really. We have so much love for anyone that is on our side honestly. Our fans are amazing.

– What do you think makes fans stick to a band?
I really don’t know. Maybe consistency? I know from being from a place where there were lots of bands reforming and changing names and line ups all the time, so the bands who ever got anywhere locally were consistent bands. However I also think its important to keep things fresh and keep posting new media to your social sites when there is a lull of live shows or offers on your music or merch, things like that. We held a Q&A session recently where attendants got free shirts. I’ve always been keen to expand,experiment and try new things. You only live once.

– How would you like to evolve? What are your music career goals?
We know that we are writing “better” songs all of the time and we are constantly looking to improve every aspect of our band. We work hard. The week in which I have typed this, we have played a live acoustic session for the BBC, been plugged on radio by Alex Baker at Kerrang a few times and featured in this months Rocksound magazine plus loads more we aren’t allowed to tell you about yet, so I guess in terms of evolution we just hope that we can get as many people as possible who enjoy our music to react to these and get on board if they dig it. As an emerging band, we would love to play on the festival circuit next year. At this point, we want to reach as many people as possible.

– What does the near future hold for Tu Amore?
Well, as we mentioned, we have our debut release coming out on 01.10.2012 then we have some shows towards the end of the year. We have a show with Hawthorne Heights and then we are finalizing a tour for our record for November. After that, we continue to tour into the new year and hopefully release a full length with totally new tracks in time for the summer.

– Is there anything you would like to add?
Please take a few minutes of your time and go check out www.facebook.com/tuamore or tweet us @tuamoreuk. Google Tu Amore or search us on youtube for more. Please. This would mean the world to us and we won’t let you down.

–  Thank you for giving us some of your time!

Originally published on Beneath The Crowd on October 2012.
Special thanks to Ben Mackereth, Tu Amore & Dave Hanley at Invictus PR.

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