[A Postcard From…] Vainstream Rockfest 2017

While She Sleeps at Vainstream 2017 © Natasja De Vries // www.plugin-mag.com

It’s a sold-old festival day, where visitors gathered early to catch as many bands as possible, such as Comeback Kid, Northlane, Against Me! or fan favorites While She Sleeps, who were playing around midday. As per usual, their performance caused chaos, making a good part of the crowd lose their minds. However, heavy rain came to crash the party when The Black Dahlia Murder set foot on stage and while concert-goers didn’t really pay attention to it at first, it became obvious that the…Wet situation started getting a little bit dangerous – especially within very active and fully packed crowds. From a photographer’s perspective, it has to be said that weather conditions in an open-air venue made the work quite painful, sometimes impossible, which was frustrating. With that said, performances followed-up and people did their best to keep enjoying their day as much as possible, and this is the purpose of music gatherings, first and foremost.

Though every band on the line up enjoyed a good welcome from the audience (Of Mice and Men were firmly awaited, especially since this summer marks their first time in Europe in their “new form”), it became clear halfway through the afternoon that most of the people who made their way to the festival that day were here especially for one band : Architects.The funny thing is that the sun started shining again when Architects came on stage, paving the way for a powerful and emotional set.
But we weren’t done here just yet : A Day To Remember followed with another powerful, entertaining but also very fun show. It wasn’t really your typical summer day in Munster, Germany that day, but A Day To Remember definitely brought back that vibe (inflatable beach stuff and confetti helped, we must admit)

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Photos : Natasja De Vries
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