Vivid Nation – Open Your Mind

1472078_10152032458283919_1484885414_nThe year is coming to an end, but it’s still bringing good surprises along its way. Vivid Nation are one of those : I had never heard of them before this EP landed in my mailbox. Having been only two years active as a band, Vivid Nation have released an interesting debut single last year before revealing a brand new and promising single back in October this year, called Policy.

The band has now just unveiled its debut rock and melodic-driven mini-album, ‘Open Your Mind’ and it precisely opens with the aforementioned track. Smart choice from the quartet as it kicks off with a poignant drumbeat, making a great apetizer. What’s coming next isn’t disappointing whatsoever. There’s something touching and powerful about Vivd Nation‘s music. The way Rhys Taylor’s voice sounds – like a thoughtful lament – might be one of the reasons to it. But there are also those lovely melodies, provided by the guitarists that leave you contemplative, far away from where you’re actually at. For instance, the 5th track, which is an interlude is the perfect display of Vivd Nation‘s universe. It’s atmospheric and meaningful at the same time. Interlude must also be considered on that record even though it’s short and instrumental as it’s essentially part of ‘Open Your Mind’ and fits perfectly with the other tracks, smoothly heading for the next track, Calling You. This latter is another fantastic straightaway demonstration of the band’s talent, particularly thanks to the huge  instrumental part it includes.

However, emotionally speaking, one standout track for me is Only Got Yourself To Blame, because it feels like one of the most significant songs on this album. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this song has existed for quite some time before being recorded by the full band and I think this is one of the reasons it sounds soulful. Rightly because it has a soul.
The album finishes with a semi acoustic track that slowly but surely closes things off. Another brainy choice from the Kent boys because lyrically, Cracks carries out a great message of hope.

Overall, ‘Open Your Mind’ has consistency and should be taken as a whole. This band has a great potential that needs to be even more exploited and Vivd Nation have accomplished a very good work on this debut release (that sounds nothing like a debut, to be honest).



Vivid Nation
‘Open Your Mind’released Dec 02, 2013

Many thanks to Lauren @Inception Press


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